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Our health center has the best nurses!

The health and safety of O-La-Moon-Do's campers are very important to our camp administration, staff and nurses. We have a well-equipped Health Center staffed by qualified registered nurses with appropriate certifications. The added qualification is that these nurses have had a complete experience in Camp life since they have been campers, CITs, and counselors at camps before.

Our nurses provide individual health care as well as emergency care for the campers.  These responsibilities include health screening, assessment of the camper, and preventive health care such as injury prevention, sunburn, and nutrition.

The nurses also manage any type of acute and chronic illness, and they will dispense medications as needed by the camper. 

O-La-Moon-Do Camp has 2 nurses on staff for the entire camp session. For other major medical needs the Berkshire Medical Center is few miles away from Camp.

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